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Built to Last

The heavy-duty extruded metal frame offers superior strength and durability, and the re-engineered structure allows for increased cavity room inside the console. Fully customized end panels are a great way to exercise your creativity. Choose from glass, metal, or laminate, then get creative with colors, logos, lights, and more. 


Choose Your Own Accessories

Strategy SX incorporates the latest in equipment mounting technology. Choose from a Slatwall,  Slatrail or DisplayTrac system. All can handle a variety of mounted accessories, including multiple monitors. The Slatwall is available in a single, double or triple high configuration. Slatrail can be curved to fit within a curved console configuration.


Perfect Cable Management

Part of Strategy Air and Strategy SX beauty is not what you see; it’s what you don’t see. The simple open design hides cables and cords within the structure of the console. Hanging cables, tangled cords, and unappealing clutter are a thing of the past, leaving clean lines and clear workspaces. Selecting the enhanced cable management option allows for four individual cable raceways running the length of the console.


Durable Monitor Mounting

Evans Federal monitor mounting options provide versatility, flexibility, and durability for mission-critical environments, including Unity Arm, E-Arm and E-Arm Piston Assist. The powered Unity Arm provides ergonomic positioning, reducing strain and increasing productivity, while the E-Arm series features robust construction for heavy-duty use. Each mount is engineered with high-grade materials to withstand intense usage, ensuring longevity. With these mounts, clients benefit from a clutter-free environment, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced safety.  


Fixed height console key features:


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