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Control Room Design and Construction 

With over 40 years of experience in crafting specialized control room solutions, Evans Federal is a trusted partner for designing and equipping command centers and military control rooms. We understand the critical nature of your operations, whether it's a combatant command center or a secure federal facility. We deliver robust and compliant environments tailored to the unique demands of military and federal operations. By choosing our experienced team, you gain access to knowledge and a track record of creating spaces that enhance situational awareness, decision-making, and operational effectiveness.   

Command and Control Room Discovery 

Our architecture team at Evans will evaluate your control room and talk to the key stakeholders, from operators to managers. These discussions are inclusive, extending from top-level executives to frontline operational staff to get a full picture of how things work and where they can improve. After the visit, you will get a report that provides an in-depth analysis of your control room's current condition. You will know where your control room stands compared to the best practices in the industry and we give you a list of practical tips to enhance your control room. 


Command and Control Room Planning  

We know that every military control room layout comes with its unique set of demands and challenges. With our extensive experience and deep understanding of mission-critical environments, we are ensuring that every aspect of the control room is carefully planned. From the broad strokes of strategic planning to the finer details of design, integration, and security considerations, our approach is tailored to meet the specific operational objectives of your command center. We leverage industry best practices in operational planning to optimize a control room layout that not only meets the requirements of your military and federal operations.  

Ergonomic Command & Control Design  

Our team integrates the latest control room design standards to ensure every element of the control room enhances operational efficiency and decision-making. We delve into the details of your operational needs, from security and communication to workflow and technology integration, ensuring that these critical aspects are at the forefront of the design process. By focusing on features essential to your specific industry and location, we design a control room that not only maximizes space but also ensures resilience, adaptability, and precision in high-stakes environments.  

Command Center Construction

Our team understands the unique requirements of 24/7 control rooms, command centers, and secure mission-critical environments. Recognizing the importance of resilience, adaptability, and security, we construct command centers that stand the test of time. Whether you're building a new C2 center, updating existing infrastructure, or developing a SCIF, we ensure every detail aligns with both your immediate and long-term operational needs.   


Tech and Consoles Installation   

During the crucial stage of console installation, our skilled team ensures a seamless transition with minimal downtime. Our experts handle the complexities of control room setup, ensuring every component integrates smoothly into your existing operations. With live cutovers, we can address any challenge that arises during installation, ensuring uninterrupted operations for your critical missions.  

EvansCare Maintenance

Your control room is the operational core of your mission and is expected to function non-stop every day of the year. Dust, debris, and mold in your consoles and equipment can compromise the health and safety of your staff and the efficiency of your operations. Regular control room cleaning and maintenance are critical to preventing these issues. We provide practical, effective solutions to keep your control room healthy, supporting your team's productivity and mission success.  

Working with Evans has been a breath of fresh air. Evans is a seasoned vendor who understood our mission and that is refreshing. Their team has been very creative in overcoming unforeseen obstacles and still delivered on time in stellar form. The quality of their products, workmanship and skill of their team makes them a vendor that you want to keep coming back to.

- Monica Wellington, United States Air Force

testimonial- monica
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