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Unparalleled Security 

With Evans, you’re not just installing control room; you’re enhancing decision making, streamlining operations, and safeguarding critical data. Experience the future of command and control, where your challenges are met with our innovative solutions designed to propel your agency to new heights.  

Relentless Durability

We understand that creating a command center is a significant investment in your agency's future. At Evans, we believe in longevity. Our command centers are designed not just for the challenges of today but for the evolving demands of the future. With a foundation of robust, time-tested materials and adaptable technology, we ensure that your investment remains relevant and efficient for decades to come. Our commitment to durability means you can focus on your mission while your command center will support your agency's everyday needs.  

Highest ROI  

At Evans, we recognize the importance of investing wisely and maximizing the return on your investment. We're committed to providing command centers that deliver value without compromising quality or functionality. Our approach is to create cost-effective solutions, ensuring that every dollar enhances your FCA’s operational capacity. With us, you're not just purchasing a command center; you're investing in a solution that brings continuous value, optimizing your operations and fiscal resources. 

Even the best-laid plans can falter without the right support at the heart of operations. 

We Have Your Secure Answer

Benefit from over 40 years of expertise as we bring the lessons learned from designing, building, and installing command centers across all levels of government. Our experience spans collaborations with agencies like DHS, HHS, NASA, DOT, and more, ensuring that we're well-equipped to understand and meet the specific expectations of your agency. Each project we undertake is infused with a deep understanding of the nuances of government operations, ensuring that your command center will be tailor-made to meet strategic goals. 

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