Command Center Consoles & Solutions

Every Evans Console Offers:

  • "Operator Out" Design - Everything we design and build is guided by the ergonomic, technological and functional requirements of each operator's position.
  • Durability - A rigid steel and aluminum frame ensures every console is built like a tank to support your 24/7, 365 operations.
  • Flexibility - You should never have to compromise when it comes to your command center, so every console design and configuration is tailored to your specific needs and constraints. 
  • Ergonomics - From console design to lighting and acoustics within your Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), we take a holistic approach to command center ergonomics to ensure your team is alert, efficient and safe.
  • Superior Cable Management - Every command center console provides extensive cable capacity with easy access during install, maintenance, and for future upgrades.



Fixed Height

Delivering robust solutions with unlimited design configurations for your control room:


Variable Height Consoles

Flexible and scalable height adjusted mission-critical console solutions for optimal productivity:


Industry Specific Consoles

Our unique command center solutions built to fit any facility's mission-critical needs:


Mission Critical Millwork

Specifically designed for your command center, EVANS millwork adds unparalleled quality and user functionality:

Durable Monitor Mounting

EVANS monitor mounting options provide versatility, flexibility, and durability for mission-critical environments:

Console & Control Room Accessories

Accessories that maximize your government workspace and enhance operator comfort and mission productivity:

Tailored to Your Needs

Every Evans Federal product is designed modified to suit your unique operational needs. Our flexible, modular console design allows for easy configuration to address your spatial, operator's and technological needs. Sit-stands can be next to fixed height, custom credenzas can be added to allow for additional storage, your custom technology can be integrated into a desktop turret... regardless of what your unique needs are our team of expert command center designers will create the ideal solution to address them.