Your command center is the most important room in your facility and EVANS Federal solutions are designed to meet your unique requirements. Our mission-critical control room solutions provide operators, supervisors, and managers with the necessary tools to perform their day-to-day mission-critical tasks.

300 x 300 Government


Robust solutions optimized to improve operational efficiency and minimize risks.


Solutions for collaboration and minimizing risks in Military operations.


Global Security
Operation Centers

Scalable solutions for today’s advanced technological needs.

Over our 40 years of experience, EVANS Federal has designed and installed custom solutions for:

  • The Department of Defense

  • The Pentagon

  • NASA

  • The White House

  • FEMA

  • Network Operation Centers (NOC's)

  • Security Operation Centers (SOC's)

  • Joint Operation Centers (JOC's)

  • Global Security Operation Centers (GSOC)

  • Intelligence Operation Centers (IOC's)