Complete Your Configuration

Customize Console According to Your Needs

The Response NEXTGen platform is customizable to address almost any control room requirement. The modular design allows for multiple configurations based on control room retrofits or modern new builds. Create a console of any size, from small low-profile to exceptionally large consoles. Choose up to four Heavy Duty Lift Columns to accommodate heavier weight capacities, including large work surfaces and displays. 


Adjust Weight Capacity

Evans Heavy Duty Lift Columns have a load capacity of 1200N up to 2500N per column. Depending on the size and weight capacity, choose from two, three, or even four lift columns. The Response NEXTGen platform 
can manage even the most rigorous monitor array requirements. 


Don't Worry About Cables

The NEXTGen platform is built to manage network and power cables while at the same time allowing easy access for IT teams. The Cable Management system utilizes a wider and deeper technology bridge, allowing room for more cables, all organized to your specifications. Equipment can be stored within the console or in remote server rooms. Custom equipment or add-ons can be incorporated into the design. 


Add More Features For Your Comfort 

We include the features that benefit our customers the most. Keep warm with the Evans ceramic heater built directly into the console. Features like power grommets or wireless phone charging directly on the console work surface. Unique and custom features solely focused on Operator comfort and ergonomics.


Looking for Sit-Stand Consoles?

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