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What is a SCIF? 

A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) is a secure area that allows for the handling, discussion, and storage of classified information, particularly for military and federal uses. SCIF room is essential in preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information, playing a pivotal role in national security operations. 

Who provides construction and security requirements for SCIFs 

The construction and security requirements for SCIFs are primarily provided by the Intelligence Community Directive 705 (ICD 705). This directive outlines the specific standards for the design, construction, accreditation, and protection of SCIFs. At Evans, we are dedicated to building SCIFs that fully comply with the ICD 705 SCIF standards, ensuring that all facilities are equipped to handle sensitive compartmented information while safeguarding against both physical and electronic surveillance or intrusion. 

We are building SCIF rooms according to international standards:


ICS 705-01

Intelligence Community Standard


IDC 705

Intelligence Community



Special Access Program Facilities Accreditation

SCIF Room Requirements 

The Department of Defense (DoD) has established specific SCIF room requirements to maintain the integrity and security of classified information. These DOD SCIF requirements encompass a range of measures, including structural soundness, access controls, acoustic protection, and electromagnetic shielding.

Our expertise encompasses every aspect of SCIF rooms, from initial design to the implementation of security measures. We understand that building a SCIF goes beyond mere construction; it involves creating an environment that is impervious to electronic eavesdropping, visual surveillance, and physical breaches. To this end, our facilities often incorporate advanced acoustic dampening materials, TEMPEST (Telecommunications Electronics Material Protected from Emanating Spurious Transmissions) standards for electronic and cyber security, and RF shielding to prevent electronic eavesdropping. Additionally, we ensure that physical security measures, such as reinforced doors, security locks, and biometric access controls, are integrated seamlessly into the structure. 

Looking to build a SCIF facility? From SCIF military to private sector requirements – we got you covered. Our team of experts is equipped with the knowledge and tools to deliver SCIFs that adhere to the most stringent security protocols, ensuring that sensitive information is protected at all classification levels. Our approach ensures that every SCIF room is not only compliant with the strictest standards but also tailored to enhance the client's operational security and information protection capabilities. 

Types of SCIFs 

SCIFs are categorized based on their location, mobility, and purpose, catering to a wide range of security needs across the federal and military landscapes. Understanding the diversity among SCIFs is crucial for you if you’re seeking solutions that best fit operational requirements and security mandates. 

  • Fixed SCIFs are permanently situated within buildings or dedicated facilities. These SCIFs are designed to host highly sensitive operations, providing a controlled environment secured against electronic eavesdropping, physical intrusion, and visual surveillance. Fixed SCIFs often serve as command centers, intelligence analysis rooms, or any permanent site requiring the highest levels of information protection. 
  • Mobile SCIFs (MoSCIFs) offer flexibility and rapid deployment capabilities for operations that require secure communication and information handling in various locations. These portable units can be established in vehicles, tents, or transportable containers, providing essential SCIF functionality in temporary settings or during field operations. MoSCIFs are ideal for military exercises, diplomatic missions, and any scenario where mobility without compromising security is paramount. 
  • Tactical SCIFs (T-SCIFs) are a subset of mobile SCIFs, specifically designed for use in combat or field environments. T-SCIFs are built to withstand harsh conditions while ensuring the secure processing, discussion, and storage of classified information.  
Clients partnering with Evans for their SCIF needs benefit from our deep understanding of the nuances across different types of SCIF facilities.   

Evans has been offering comprehensive SCIF solutions for the last 12 years. Their skills and experience have positioned them at the forefront of the industry, providing us with secure and reliable SCIF room.

- Bruce, Commander.

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