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Unity Arm

Engineered for performance, comfort, flexibility, and durability, Unity Arm offers the pinnacle in visual data presentation. The electronic motors offer programmable height and focal depth settings via the EnviroLinc touch control interface for ease of use. Adjust the height and angle of the monitor array in a countless number of configurations with a simple touch of a button. With the Unity Arm, the system is designed to maintain the viewing angle as it is raised or lowered and the controls are flush mounted to the work surface to avoid accidental adjustments.



Has been engineered to support the increasingly larger screen requirements of today’s mission-critical operations. E-Arm’s real strength is durability and flexibility to adapt to each user’s unique requirements. Equipped with quick-release technology, monitor changeouts are simplified. Single-high, double high and side-by-side options are available for Slatwall and desktop-mounted systems. The universal mounting bracket can support up to 40 pounds (18 Kilograms).


E-Arm Piston Assist 

Our E-Arm with Piston Assist offers quick mount technology without sacrificing strength and flexibility. Its innovative design and durability will support the most demanding mission-critical applications. This mounting offers you a superb range of extension, rotation, and tilting adjustments to help in ergonomics. 


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