Strategy Air

Our Strategy Air Console seamlessly brings durability and state of the art modern open design together.  Offering the latest in operator ergonomics, cable management, and technology integration this fully scalable, flexible solution is perfect for any mission-critical control room that utilize remote server technology.

Supporting Your IT Infrastructure

For modern technology control rooms, the Strategy Air embraces remote server and blade technology environments, freeing the operator from console based PC’s. Add the optional PC case, and the Strategy Air can fully support more traditional technology infrastructure. Strategy Air incorporates optional pop-up and Slatwall power and data access including USB, DVI, Power, HDMI, and Cat6 all prewired for secure connectivity. 

Configuration Flexibility

Designed to push the boundaries of tailored solutions, Strategy Air offers enough flexibility to improve workflow and increase collaboration between workstations. As a stand-alone unit or part of a custom workgroup, this console offers enough flexibility to fit perfectly into any command and control room environment.

Endless Options

Strategy Air incorporates the latest in support technology. Select from slatwall available in a single, double or triple high configuration and the slatrail which can be curved to fit within a curved console configuration. EnviroLinc and LumiLinc add personalized controls like temperature, and situational awareness provides you with the ultimate working conditions for your team.

Strategy Air’s proprietary cable management system masterfully conceals unsightly cabling, while allowing for easy access for future modifications. Utilizing the Slatwall, monitor well, and frame, Strategy Air provides ample storage and channels from all accessories to the power source while allowing you to expand or contract based on your technical needs.

How Strategy Air Can Help Your Organization

  • The innovative cable management system allows both the console and the operator to be free from IT infrastructure and cables while allowing you to contract or expand easily.
  • In addition to offering long-term durability, functionality and a modern look and feel, Strategy Air has been ergonomically designed to enhance the health and productivity of operators in control room environments.
  • Limited only by your imagination, Strategy Air offers a wide variety of options. From endless work surface colors and patterns to customizable leg inserts, Strategy Air brings an unmatched aesthetic to your control room.
  • The Strategy Air offers a removable PC holder for environments that require local PC access. And for those that incorporate remote server technologies, the PC compartment can be removed for a true open concept that Strategy Air showcases.
  • The unrestricted workspace allows operators to interact freely, allowing for the open exchange of ideas and improved workflow between team members.
  • The modular connectivity of the Strategy Air allows for greater layout flexibility, further contributing to an open work atmosphere.