Response NextGen

A World of Choice Awaits    

Response NEXTGen is our signature console.  From enhanced monitor mounting options to EVANS’ patented ergonomic nosing and frame design, Response NEXTGen enables optimal efficiency for your operators.


Configuration Flexibility

500x500-EFS-response-clusterDesigned to push the boundaries of tailored solutions, Response NEXTGen improves workflow and increases collaboration between workstations through its flexible design.  You can configure consoles individually, in rows, clusters or collaborative groups, choosing from two, three and four positions with single or dual surfaces.  Our Response NEXTGen provides you the complete design freedom to optimize your space and operators.





Powerful Sit-Stand

The progressive frame design gives the robust console an open sense, without compromising on power.  Depending on your SCIF's requirements, the sit-stand can utilize heavy duty lift, light duty, or a combination of both lift columns to deliver a load capacity of up to 2500N.  Ensuring safe functionality regardless of the technology housed on the work surface.

Enhanced Display Management


Response NEXTGen’s monitor options are endless.  From single height rows to advanced automated Display Management Systems like Unity Arm 2.0 and ASDS (Automated Secondary Display System), your operations will be equipped with the necessary visuals with perfect line of site to mission critical alerts and reports.


Unmatched Technology Integration 

Regardless if it's a full cabinet enclosure or a fully open concept, Response NEXTGen can accommodate local or remote CPUs with ease. Response NEXTGen utilizes wider and deeper cable raceways, allowing you to run more cables in an organized manner.  This sophisticated, integrated cable management system hides cables within the frame, while providing space to grow as your technology evolves over the life cycle of your command center.


Why Response NEXTGen?

  • Endless choices enable you to tailor your console to the demands of your organization.NXTG-Fade
  • The heavy-duty extruded metal frame offers superior strength and durability that is built to last.
  • The engineered structure allows for increased cavity room inside the console.
  • Fully customized end panels with a wide array of material choices - glass, metal or laminate.
  • With deeper and wider cable raceways, you have the space to keep your cabling organized while enabling easy front and rear access.


Every EVANS Console Offers:

  • "Operator Out" Design - We design and build based on the ergonomic, technological and functional requirements of each operator's position.
  • Durability - A rigid steel and aluminum frame ensures every console is built like a tank to support your 24/7, 365 operations.
  • Flexibility - You should never have to compromise when it comes to your command center, so every console design and configuration is tailored to your specific needs and constraints. 
  • Ergonomics - From console design to lighting and acoustics within your Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), we take a holistic approach to command center ergonomics to ensure your team is alert, efficient and safe.
  • Superior Cable Management - Every command center console provides extensive cable capacity with easy access during install, maintenance, and for future upgrades.