Operational Planning

From strategic and master planning through design, integration, security considerations, and operational objectives, your facility, and other secure areas benefit from our extensive, multidisciplinary background for both new construction and modernized facilities.

Every operations center has unique requirements. Regardless of the scope and scale of work required, we have the knowledge and experience to develop and ensure each design addresses your essential needs of your project. 

We start with a Needs Assessment by interviewing key stakeholders involved in the project such as operators, technology integrators, IT professionals and architects. From there we design an effective control room solution to limit operational risks along with strategies to maximize control room efficiency.

You need a partner that has the solutions and scale to connect your current and future needs seamlessly. Our comprehensive approach considers:

  • Organizational/operational objectives
  • Key issues and opportunities
  • Technology mitigation
  • Design and mapping to maximize space
  • Key obstacles and operational risks
  • Implementation challenges and timelines
  • Budget