Sector: DoD

Location: CA
Product: Response NextGen



Executive Summary 

The Department of Transportation in Washington D.C. contracted Evans Federal to design and construct a new command and control center. The project scope included the development of 33 custom consoles and a comprehensive room design to effectively support the department's operations.


In planning the control room for the Department of Transportation, several technical considerations were carefully integrated into the design to optimize functionality, ergonomics, and operator well-being.

  • The custom Strategy SX Sit-Stand Consoles and ergonomic chairs were selected to improve comfort and reduce operator fatigue, which can significantly increase productivity. Ergonomics also plays an important role in the layout to ensure lines of sight, reach, and comfort are optimized, thus enhancing the overall efficiency of the control room​​​​.
  • A central layout was chosen for the control room to facilitate communication and collaboration, allowing for a consolidated view and management of operations, which can also be more cost-effective since only one room needs to be furnished.
  • For the acoustics, the design includes considerations for optimal ambient noise levels. This involves strategic placement of restrooms and kitchens to avoid noise pollution and implementing design elements that help in maintaining a quiet environment which is essential for concentration​.
  • Variable light level controls and task lighting are key components of the design to accommodate different times of the day and operator preferences. Natural light is utilized where possible to improve productivity and reduce eye strain, while ambient light is considered for comfort in control settings that operate 24/7​​.
  • Safety measures such as duress alarms at each console and electronic access control systems have been integrated to ensure the physical security of the operators and the control room itself​​.

Screenshot 2024-03-26 144331
Custom Strategy SX
Screenshot 2024-03-26 144340
Custom Strategy SX sit-stand
Screenshot 2024-03-26 144356

Custom Millwork 


The Department of Transportation received a fully functional, custom-designed command and control center from the ground up, tailored to their specific operational requirements. The project's successful completion provided the client with a state-of-the-art facility that supported increased efficiency, better data management, and enhanced operator well-being due to ergonomic design and technology integration.

As a result of Evans Federal's comprehensive services, the client experienced a seamless transition from planning through to installation. They were particularly satisfied with the adaptability of the design, which accommodated the unique technological and spatial needs of their operations. The inclusion of advanced ergonomic furniture, centralized layout, sophisticated acoustics, and optimized lighting systems also ensured that the control room was not only operationally effective but also a healthy and inclusive work environment.

In the end, the client benefited from a control room designed to support the complex and critical nature of transportation management, delivering improved situational awareness, facilitating collaboration, and ensuring security, which together enhances the ability to make well-informed decisions for safe and efficient transportation operations.