Installation Services

No matter how carefully a secure control room is planned, challenges invariably arise at installation. The EVANS Federal team of cleared professionals offer one of the most reliable resources to make sure that installation goes smoothly. If a problem occurs, our clearances give us the ability to make modifications and adjustments in adjacent facilities where non-cleared workers might not be able to go, thereby allowing continued and uninterrupted operation.  In addition to industry certifications and standards, we created our own EVANS Federal Certified Installer Training Program to ensure proper on-site installation of our intricate solutions.

Our installers adhere to all safety regulations and standards, ensuring a safe installation for everyone involved. Our teams also take additional site-specific training as needed to ensure we meet your certification and safety standards. Recognizing that we may be working in highly secure and sensitive areas, we work with you to ensure our team members understand and fully comply with all security protocols.

No Unplanned Downtime with Live Cutovers

EVANS Federal understands the cost and time sensitivity associated with shutting down your operation for upgrades or improvements. Accuracy, punctuality, and efficiency are paramount to completing an installation within a tight schedule and on time. Our project management and installation teams work cohesively to ensure we adhere to the set timelines for completion and installation.

Our seamless approach to ‘Live Cutovers’ means there is zero downtime and minimal disruptions to surrounding areas, allowing your facility to operate during installation.

Post-Installation Customer Service

Once your installation is complete, our services do not stop there. EVANS Federal is committed to its customers with consultation throughout the solution's life-cycle, providing preventative maintenance and console cleaning, with the best lifetime warranty in the industry to ensure continued high performance. With dedicated regional installation managers, our teams address issues as they emerge and work to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.