Sector: DoD

Location: CA

Product: Response NextGen

Executive review 

The U.S. Navy's command centers were hindered by outdated consoles, compromising operational efficiency. The existing setup did not meet the evolving requirements for technology and space management, with competitors’ solutions missing the mark on customization and budget efficiency. Evans Federal proposed a redesign involving 20 consoles strategically arranged to provide ample aisleway at one end, enhancing the workspace's functionality and flow. 


While the consoles were designed to be static for most positions, two were made adjustable to cater to the unique requirements of certain roles, incorporating flexibility where most needed. Additional storage solutions were integrated for supervisors. Every console was outfitted with a task light, ensuring operators could work in optimal lighting conditions, crucial for maintaining focus during long shifts. This feature underscored Evans Federal’s attention to detail and commitment to creating environments that support operator well-being and efficiency.


Recognizing the importance of operational continuity's importance, the installation was planned in a phased, live-install approach. The project was segmented into 4-5 continuous phases, demonstrating Evans Federal's flexibility. The project's completion heralded a new era of efficiency and tailored functionality for the U.S. Navy's command centers. The thoughtful design, focusing on the operators' needs and the strategic installation approach, ensured minimal disruption and maximized operational continuity. 

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