Cyber Security

In an effort to continually monitor various sources of data, and to quantitatively measure changes to prevent and respond to internal and external cyber threats – EVANS Federal solutions provide the vital situational awareness necessary for operating in today’s complex cyber environments.

Optimized to improve operational efficiency and minimize risks, our solutions are designed to help you monitor active systems, network and data disruptions, and other proprietary systems as you look for the threats of tomorrow. Simultaneously safeguarding data and personnel, our solutions enhance the safety and integrity of your assets and operator effectiveness to provide a secure cyber environment.

Complete View on Data and Asset State

Cyber operators need to be able to identify, evaluate, and communicate potential threats to key stakeholders in an effort to locate and mitigate risks before they occur.

We help cyber security professionals improve decision-making and mitigate risks during complex situations. Our solutions help cyber operators conduct defensive cyber operations as they work to provide a secure cyber environment.

Our solutions are designed to support your risk mitigation strategies. Whether it’s to liaise with personnel, work collaboratively, or require visibility to intel, our experienced team of cyber security experts work with you to determine the configuration that best supports your center’s communication, collaboration and visibility objectives.

More Reliable Operators

Cyber operators are tasked with monitoring and analyzing internal and external threats in an effort to expose vulnerabilities and mitigate risk. Our ergonomic solutions are designed to improve operator alertness in order to successfully detect and respond to cyber adversaries. We consider the essential elements that improve performance, risk mitigation strategies, and cyber safeguarding.

We consider individual environmental controls, as well as how people interact with each other and how they are routed throughout the control room on a daily basis and during emergency situations. Flexible and adaptable, our solutions address individual environmental factors such as lighting, temperature, air quality, and height by the operator, enabling peak performance.

Security and Safety Compliance

Our teams have clearance to some of the highest levels of national security. They have the clearance to work in high-security, highly-classified areas – where extremely sensitive information is present. We recognize we may be working in secure classified areas, and work with you to ensure our team members understand and fully comply with all security protocols.

Our strict safety standards are applied to everything we do, both internally and externally. Our certified teams of installers adhere to all safety regulations and standards, ensuring a safe installation for everyone involved. Our teams also take additional site-specific training as needed to ensure we meet your safety protocols

Future Proof Solutions

EVANS’ Federal complete range of solutions is designed with a future-proof approach. This provides dynamic flexibility to withstand your day-to-day operations of shift changes, complex situations, and possible increased traffic flow, without jeopardizing durability. Future technology upgrades through the life-cycle of your systems can seamlessly be added to create value over time without retrofitting.